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Next League Meeting - January 11, 2017

The October League Meeting is on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 7:00pm at Trini Mendenhall Sosa Community Center. - Directions. Spring season will be covered. Please make sure your team and field fees are up to date. If you have questions about your team accounts, please contact Mieko Rivas, TORSO Registrar by email. If you are having problems logging in to your team account page, please contact info@torsosoccer.org.

D&P Message and Reminder to Teams

The TORSO D&P Committee reminds all teams that another person's behavior never excuses the individual from their own personal responsibility. This standard of behavior applies to all TORSO players, TORSO fans and officials. The time and place for your review of your referees is not on the pitch following a play, but in a TORSO online evaluation. Teams are encouraged to file a referee report for any comments about their experience of the referee here: Referee Evaluation. All TORSO players are encouraged to understand league rules regarding D&P policies defined in the TORSO By Laws. Sections of interest are: Section 8 - Verbal Abuse of a Referee, Article IX. Discipline and Protest Procedures Section 2 and Article V. Membership - Eligibility And Responsibility, Section 7.

TORSO League Forfeit Policy

Our League does not reschedule due to insufficient players on game day. If a team knows that they cannot field a team for an upcoming match, they need to notify the Scheduler (scheduler@torsosoccer.org) and Referee Liaison (refliaison@torsosoccer.org) 72 hours or sooner to avoid a fine of $100. This policy has been updated to prevent opposing teams to show up with a last minute forfeit. The earlier a team can notify the League the more of a chance we have to avoid Field and Referee assignment fees.

E-Payments Available for TORSO Players

Players who wish to pay team fees via credit card can now make online payments and have the payment apply to their team. Please work with your team manager to determine how much you owe towards your playing fees for the season and consider online payments as an option. Players can make individual payments for registration, misconducts or other general team assessments via the Player E-Pay option. TORSO uses PayPal to process credit card or PayPal account payments and will need their player ID to make payments through this service. Use Player E-Pay now.


WEATHER HOTLINE (832-487-8786) & RainedOut

Call the TORSO Hotline (832-487-8786) to check park/field closures before driving to the field. If the hotline states that a field is open as of 11:00am on game day, teams must go to the field. The hotline is updated by 11am each Sunday - the hotline may be updated before 11:00am but 11am is the official posting time. TORSO is encouraging all players and referees to use this text message based communication tool for field availability status notifications. There is no charge to sign-up for this service and it will overlap the Weather Line. If you haven't signed up yet, please do it today - it only takes a minute to register. Sign-up now.

Managers - Need Players? Try the Player Database

Team managers looking for players to fill roster positions should access our prospective player database. It contains both male and female players that want to play with TORSO. Managers should contact these individuals directly and let us know when they join your team or are no longer interested. Find a player now.