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Yellow Card- $15.00
Red Card- $30.00
Two Yellows- $30.00
Team Forfeit- $100.00
D&P Reminder To Teams

The TORSO D&P Committee reminds all teams that another person's behavior never excuses the individual from their own personal responsibility. This standard of behavior applies to all TORSO players, TORSO fans, and officials. The time and place for your review of your referees is not on the pitch following a play, but in a TORSO online evaluation. Teams are encouraged to file a referee report for any comments about their experience of the referee. All TORSO players are encouraged to understand league rules regarding D&P policies defined in the Constitution & Bylaws .

Sections of interest are:

  • Article V - Membership Eligibility And Responsibility.
  • Article IX - Discipline and Protest Procedures
  • Article X- Penalties and Fines
TORSO D&P Procedures
These D&P Procedures reflect a vote of the League on August 25, 2011 on the duly moved and seconded motion by the Foresters.


As part of any given D&P ruling, a period of probation may be given along with or independent of a player suspension. To clarify the concept of Probation, the following definition shall be used:

Definition: When a player receives a period of probation as part of a sanction, then if that player receives a yellow or red card for any reason during the period of probation, then that player is suspended for the entire period of probation starting with the next match no matter when the booking occurs.

For example, assume Player X receives a period of probation of five matches. If Player X then receives a booking for any reason over the next five matches (even if the booking occurs at the 90th minute of the last match of the period of probation), then Player X is automatically suspended for the next five matches. The suspension starts on its own without any further ruling or action by the D&P Committee, Board, or other person.

If the booking received during the period of probation is for an illegal substitution, for an illegal handing of the ball, or for a similar non-violent, non-aggressive or non-abusive violation of the Laws of the Game, then automatic suspension is still in place, but the suspended player may then go before the D&P Committee and then ask the D&P Committee to reinstate the period of probation. There is no guarantee that the D&P Committee will reinstate the probation under such circumstances or any other circumstances

Process for Appealing a D&P Decision

1. Within ten days of D&P Committee decision:

  • Player requesting decision appeal must pay $50 deposit (either posted to team ledger or written check endorsed to TORSO) and...
  • Send an email to TORSO president, Jinny Sutherland, at or Sr. Commissioner, Jinny Sutherland, at providing new evidence compelling a second hearing. Only cases with new evidence will be considered for appeal.

2. TORSO Sr. Board Members (President, Commissioner and Referee Liaison) will discuss if the newly-provided evidence is sufficient to warrant gathering a new D&P committee to reassess the case.

  • If it is the decision of the Sr. Board Members that the new information DOES NOT warrant a new hearing, the requesting player will be notified and the $50 deposit will not be refunded.
  • If it is the decision of the Sr. Board Members that the new information DOES warrant a new hearing, the requesting player will be notified of the new hearing date, and the $50 deposit will be refunded.

I. If a player receives a red card for any reason on a Sunday (during the match, before the match or after the match), then the red card match report will be sent to the D&P Committee.

II. You must review the match report (which will sent to Team Connect) to determine that the match official reported the red card.

III. You have until 11:59 p.m. on the Thursday following the Sunday (when the red card was issued) either (a) to request an oral live hearing or (b) to submit whatever evidence electronically that you want the D&P Committee to consider.

IV. If there is no request for an oral live hearing, by the following Thursday, the D&P Committee will announce its decision.

V. If there is no request for an oral live hearing, by the next Monday, the player must appeal any decision to the Board under the normal procedures and bond. The Board will consider the appeal at the next League or Board meeting. The Board's jurisdiction remains limited as provided in the Bylaws.