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Field Maintenance and Policies

While enjoying the use of our partner field locations, we ask for your help in identifying any field maintenance issues that are not in compliance for meeting minimum standards of safety for our players. Once issues are identified, please notify the Field Coordinator via email at The Fields Coordinator will be responsible for bringing the matter to the attention of the host facility.

Common areas of field maintenance issues are:

  • 4 corner flags of proper height
  • Goal nets that are in good repair and are secured to the goal posts
  • Accurate field markings of proper width and visibility
  • Inadequate lighting for safe play
  • Minimum distances between technical areas, touch lines, spectators / stands
  • Repair holes or other dangerous objects (sprinkler heads) that may be exposed on the field

A complete listing of field requirements may be found in the FIFA Laws of the Game manual.

We are guests at the fields and we encourage our families to come and watch our matches.

  • No profanity.
  • No litter - please pick up any trash
  • Be respectful when addressing any field manager
  • If the field manager or a peace officer directs you to leave the facility, please abide their diection and leave without comment or incident. Please contact the Fields Coordinator about any notable encounter with these officials
  • Know and abide by the unique rules of each field venue.

Bear Creek Practice Field Policies

The fields at Bear Creek are available for adult practices and/or scrimmages within specified date ranges. Fields must be reserved in advance by requesting a reservation from the scheduler. Please allow up to 72 business hours for the scheduler to secure a field reservation on your behalf. The applicable rental rate will be charged to your team account. Should your session be canceled due to rain, please notify the schedule within 24 hours of the event in order to get the reservation removed from your ledger.

Important Practice Information

  • When you go to your practice session/scrimmage, remember to print and bring your reservation in case you are approached by field management in order to avoid being removed.
  • Training sessions/scrimmages are for registered TORSO players ONLY. Failure to observe this restriction could result in loss of field privileges.
  • Most important of all - if approached by the police and/or field management please be respectful.

Public (county-owned) Fields

Public fields do not allow alcohol use on the premises or in the parking lot. Dogs are allowed but only on a leash. Public fields currently include:

  • Bayland Park
  • Bear Creek Park
  • Bush Park
  • Meyer Park
  • Zube Park

Private Fields

Private fields may or may not allow alcohol consumption on site, depending on the individual field policy. Dogs are not allowed at any private field locations. Some private locations will also have alcohol available for sale. Please confirm all field policies for the specific field prior to arrival. Private fields include:

  • Dutch Lions
  • Houston Sports Creek
  • Quillian Memorial Center