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Request a List

Managers can request a copy of the latest Free Agent List by emailing The file will be in csv format, which can be opened in Excel or another spreadsheet program, or you can read it as text.

Free Agent List

Our Free Agent process is still largely the same as it has been, though now managers have to request the list. See the sidebar for how to request a free agent list.

  • Free agents can go to our Join TORSO page and submit their information.
  • Team Managers can review that information and contact players about potentially joining their team.

After having the same questions/fields on the free agent form for a number of years, we have revamped the Free Agent form to include more detailed, and hopefully more relevant, information about the player.

We've given free agents the ability to select multiple locations and divisions as their preference, we've asked for more detail about their experience, we've asked about other players they may know, and we've given them some free-form text entry to tell potential managers more about themselves. We hope this helps you to make more informed decisions about the players you approach to join your team.