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BOD Job Descriptions
TORSO President:
1) Direct the general operations of TORSO/ Oversee that TORSO is directed in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws
2) Preside at all Board and League meetings & call special Board or League Meetings when needed. Communicate meetings and business of the league in a timely manner.
3) Represent TORSO at all community and public functions or ask another board member to do so.
4) Represent TORSO at TSSAS meetings or ask another board member to do so.
5) Appoint, with the approval of the Board, an interim replacement to fill any vacancies on the Board.
6) Appoint members and chairs to all committees (except the D&P Chair) and serve as an ex officio voting member of all committees (except Nominations/Election).
7) Prepare written reports as necessary.
8) Serve as on the TORSO board and attend monthly meetings. Vote in the event of a tie.

TORSO Registrar:
1. Register all TORSO players with their assigned teams and approve rosters.
a. Verify qualification age by using a government document with a color picture. The document can be provided by player and it can be a driver’s license or other government-issued identification with a picture
b. Verify eligibility for Multi-league registration discount by checking with other league registrars.
c. Generate a player registration report to TSSAS with team and player information.
d. Create player cards by assigning player numbers to completed cards, which should be submitted by the managers.
e. Mail out cards or arrange to deliver player cards to team managers.
2. Register TORSO players with the TSSAS register and make sure that they are insured for the current registration year.
a. Generate reports containing TORSO team detail and player detail information. The information we must provide is registration year, team name, player number birthday, and what type of registration they are submitting.
b. Generate new player reports throughout the registration season for additional players and teams.
c. Manage all insurance claims submitted by players.
3. Maintain team financial records for all teams.
a. Keep up with detailed ledger entries for player registrations, team fees, field fees, and fines. Fines are assessed for red & yellow cards, D&P results, and late fee payments (deadlines are communicated on the website and through email)
b. Communicate with team managers regarding team balances and deadlines. This is especially important when team balances are over $100 after the second week and games will be forfeited unless the amount is brought down through payment.
c. Record check payments manually to the ledger and generate a deposit report for the Treasurer.
d. Deposit checks to Chase Bank by generating deposit slip with account number and send a copy to the Treasurer.
4. Serve on the TORSO Board and attend monthly meetings.

The Fields Person:
1) Be responsible for contacting all field managers before the season to confirm availability and price.
2) Coordinate activities with the Scheduler.
3) Serve on the Board of TORSO and attend monthly meetings.
4) Endeavor to maintain a good working relationship with all field managers
5) Provide invoices to the President & Treasurer for payment at the end of each season (or when the bill is due)

The Game Scheduler:
1) Be responsible for the initial scheduling of all games and maintaining the record thereof.
2) Assist the teams involved in rescheduling games. Reschedules are done by the Scheduler based on fields and time available. Games will be as close to the original as possible, but that cannot be guaranteed.
3) Coordinate activities with Referee Coordinator.
4) Serve on the Board of TORSO and attend monthly meetings.
5) Endeavor to schedule equal number of home and away games for all teams.
6) Provide the season’s game schedule to Referee Coordinator, the TORSO admin, and Team Representatives as early as possible in each playing session.

TORSO Secretary:
1) Record and maintain the minutes of each board meeting. Meeting minutes are detailed reports that highlight the predetermined agenda of each conference as well as what took place.
2) Act as custodian of corporate records and league files in a manner compliant with organizational policies of the league. These documents may include the league’s financial reports, job descriptions, policy manuals, etc.
3) Serve on the TORSO board and attend monthly meetings.

The Senior Commissioner:
1) Act as liaison between TORSO and USSF/TSSAS and provide the President with reports of all business pertinent to coed soccer conducted at meetings with USSF/TSSAS
2) Perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President in his/her absence or incapacity.
3) Perform any additional duties as may be designated by the President or the Board
4) In addition to his/her normal duties, serve as interim President if the president resigns or is removed from office.
5) Serve as Parliamentarian at all meetings.
6) Serve on the Board of TORSO and attend monthly meetings.
7) Advise and assist teams wishing to travel out of the South Texas boundaries for tournament play.
8) Distribute FIFA "Laws of the Game" books to Team Representatives if requested.
9) Work with the State Senior Commissioner in the organization and administration of the South Texas Cup.
10) Serve on calls with players who have accumulated 3 yellow cards in one season.
11) Run the TORSO Winter tournament in January with the help of the Scheduler, the Registrar and the Ref Liaison along with any other BOD members who are so inclined.

The D & P Chairperson:
1) The week following Game Day:
a.) Monday – sort approved match reports and flag those with red cards, manage the D & P committee meeting dealing with violations from the previous week (at least 3 jurors must be present) and enter votes in case management
b.) b.) Tuesday – review final match report from the TORSO Admin and ensure that no red cards were missed -notify managers of Committee decisions
c.) Wednesday – upload all match reports with red cares into Case Management *not all red cards are case-worthy (D & P does not review “denies goal by foul” or non-violent conduct course of play fouls) -contact via email the managers of offending players using the provided templates to notify the team of the red card and elicit relevant witness testimony (this is a courtesy – the red card itself is the team’s notification) -email the Registrar a reminder to fine teams -archive match reports in Case Management
d.) Thursday – be responsive to emails from Team Managers
e.) Friday – send all D & P committee members notifications by email and text about the meeting on the following Monday

2) Serve on the TORSO board and attend monthly meetings
3) Check in the TORSO Admin after every game to see If any player has been given 3 yellow cards within the season. If so, notify the Admin to suspend the player until further notice and notify the Team Manager of suspension with instructions to call in. Set up the call with the Yellow Card committee (Ref Liaison, Sr Commissioner and D & P Chair) and the player. After the call, send the Admin and Team Manager an email that the suspension is lifted.
4) D & P has purview over cancellations postponements, and abandonments not weather related. The Chair shall include these in the weekly meeting of the committee for a decision.