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TORSO Covid-19 Policies

Gameday Covid Protocols:

-Social distancing when not playing
-No spectators
-Facemasks strongly recommended on the sidelines when not playing, required when walking to and from the fields
-Everyone must have their own water, no sharing
-No loitering or socializing before or after the game
-All players must initial the gamesheet to show that they have answered "no" to the covid questions on the gamesheet.

TORSO follows the guidance of our national organization, USSF.

The Covid-19 Lockdown Phases are as follows:

Holistic approach with both COVID and physical wellness in mind

Phase 0: Stay and Shelter

  • No recreational organized activities

When there have been 14 days of declining case numbers, move to phase 1

Phase 1 - Individual and Small Group Training (4 - 6 weeks)

  • Small group practice
  • Players haven't been playing, need to get back in shape and develop habits
  • No throw-ins or headers
  • Maximum of 9 players and 1 coach allowed (or less, based on state/local social distancing guidelines)
  • No refs
  • Maintain COVID-19 mitigation and incident action plans

Phase 2 - Larger group practice (3 - 6 weeks)

  • Small sided games possible
  • No refs or extra people
  • Maintain COVID-19 mitigation and incident action plans

Phase 3 - League play can begin, with refs and regular rules (throw-ins, headers allowed)

  • Player gear stations 6 ft apart, not the usual camps
  • Masks until playing, back on right after
  • Leave field immediately after game

For more information download the document linked below:

PLAY ON Grassroots Recommendations Guide.pdf