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Free Agent Field Day Event
Posted Jul 20, 2021

This event will be Saturday Aug 7th from 4 - 6 pm at Bear Creek on field # 19 TORSO Soccer

The fields shown are near the corner of Clay Rd and War Memorial Drive, Houston 77084 - most map apps will pull up the location if you type in Bear Creek Pioneer Park. You'll need a soccer ball, your cleats, shin guards, and a dark and a white jersey (do not need to be numbered); water will be provided.

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What Is TORSO?

TORSO (Thirty and Over Recreational Soccer Organization) was founded in the early 1980s to create a fun and competitive soccer experience for adult players 30 years of age and older. Our co-ed team structure provides a great opportunity for men and women to compete as individuals, couples, or a family.

TORSO has over 50 teams playing in 4 divisions. There are players with all levels of experience, from former pro players to beginners just learning the game. Looking to play at a competitive level with women and men? Prefer a relaxed group to just get some exercise? Want a team that's social and fun on the field and off? Come join us! We play Sunday afternoons at parks all over Houston.

League Format

TORSO is a co-ed outdoor soccer league for ages 30 and over. You must be 30 years old by the end of the season to register. We play 11vs11 on a full size field, each team plays 5 men and 5 women plus a goalie (male or female). TORSO has implemented exceptions to the laws of the game to make sure that while we do play soccer at a high level, player safety and health are of paramount importance, and our overarching goal is to keep the games competitive, fun, and amicable. See our Exceptions To The LOTG here.

TORSO has an 11v11 spring and a fall season. Each team plays 10 games per season. Spring is typically January to May, and the fall season is typically September to December. Games are on Sundays, kickoff times are in the afternoon, usually from 1-5pm. TORSO does promote and relegate teams to ensure that divisions stay competitive.

TORSO also has a summer season, which typically starts in June and ends in August. The format is 8v8, each team plays 4 men, 3 women, and a goalie. Kickoff times are in the evening to avoid the heat of the day, games are a little shorter, and fields are smaller.


Click here to see all of our field locations. Each team has a home field and will play at least half of its games at its home field, but all teams play home and away games, so you will play at other fields as well.


Each team is managed independently, and each team may charge fees differently. When interviewing prospective managers, you may want to ask them how they structure the fees for their team. For more information on fees, click here

How To Join A Team

If you are interested in joining a team, you can submit your information and you will be put into the Free Agent Pool, where managers can view all available players and contact them about joining their team.

To submit your information, click the Register Now button above. *Note that you will need to create an account to be added to the Free Agent List.

Tips For Finding A Team

Many teams have full rosters and may not be adding players at this time, so you might not be contacted by a team manager right away. However, TORSO does form new teams before the start of each season from players that are in our free agent pool. Those teams are typically put together in July or August for the fall season and in November or December for the spring season. It's a good idea to re-submit your information during those months if you are interested in joining a new team.

We also run Free Agent Days from time to time, where free agents audition for managers of teams looking to add players.

As with most co-ed leagues, female players are in high demand. If you are a male and you know a female who wants to play, it's a good idea to have her submit her information to the website. Female players are usually contacted more quickly than male players and you can often find a team who is willing to add a male player if he is with a female player. Goalkeepers are also in high demand, so if you're willing to play goalie, include that as well.

Also consider these options:

  • Like our Facebook page, Teams occasionally post there when looking for players, and you'll find information about league events there, like Free Agent Days.
  • Post on our Facebook page that you are looking to join a team. Be sure to include your location preference, your experience, and what position you play.
  • Contact team managers directly to see if they are looking for players. Team manager contact information is listed on each team page.