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Tax Reporting Information for TORSO Referee

If TORSO paid you for your services during the past year, the law requires that TORSO issue Form 1099 for cumulative payments made within the year of over $600. In order to provide this information to the IRS and provide you information for your tax preparation needs, TORSO needs your social security number or TIN (Taxpayer's identification number). It is obligatory that you comply.

Here is the link to the IRS Form 1099: IRS Form 1099

  • Write your name in the box marked: RECIPIENT'S NAME
  • Write your social security number or TIN in the box marked: RECIPIENT'S Identification Number
  • Send it to Edgar Baquero, TORSO Treasurer, via fax, postal mail or call hia office with the information. His name and address, and telephone numbers are below.
  • Do not email your social security number.

Edgar N. Baquero, CPA
817 W. 34th St.
Houston, TX 77018
Tel 713-869-5332
Fax 713-869-8385