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Pay Rates

TORSO values our referees and we aim to pay market rates or better to our officials.

Pay rate for 11v11
Two 45 minute halves
Center - $70
AR - $40

Pay rate for 8v8
Two 40 minute halves
Center - $55

Match Reporting Procedures

We run payroll each week after games are completed and after ALL referees have turned in their match reports. The following is required for all match reports:

  1. Fill in Game Officials Score
  2. Fill in "Submit Match report" page in Game Officials
    • The submitted match report must contain the same information as the printed game sheet. Official Score, who scored, injuries and cards.
    • Please email as an attachment, NOT EMBEDDED in the body
    • Scans are best, but if submitting a picture, it must be clear and readable, or it will be rejected
    • The manager's signature must be on the team's game sheet.
  3. Must email both copies of physical game sheet to
  4. Must file an incident report in GO for all cards and all injuries
    • Red cards should have a more detailed description
    • All information needs to match game sheet and match report
    • Set incident reports to PROOF
  5. Information on field conditions, or issues of that nature, need to be filed under "Incident Reports" in GO. There is a designation for Field Conditions.
  6. All information must be submitted before payment will be released for the game. The rule is: Until everyone turns in all the information, no one gets paid.
  7. The exception to this is in-advance Forfeits. No information needs to be submitted from the ref. On-field forfeits need to have an incident report filed in Game Officials, detailing the reason for the forfeiture at time of game.
  8. For more information or clarification, email
Referee Payment Policy

Inclement Weather/Field Conditions

  1. If games are not played due to inclement weather or unplayable field conditions and if the games are canceled before 11:15am on game day, then the referees will not be paid for those games.
    • In the case of alternate game times (first assignment is not 1pm), the cutoff shall be 1 hour 45 minutes before kickoff.
  2. If the fields are closed or if a game is called off after 11:15am, the following guidelines will apply:
    • Referees will be paid for any 1pm games to which they accepted assignments.
    • Referees will be paid for any game that has kicked off.
    • Referees will not be paid for any post-1pm game that is canceled before the scheduled kickoff time, unless it is a referee's first assignment of the day and the game was canceled within two hours before scheduled kickoff.
    • If a referee calls a game for weather/lightning after the scheduled kickoff time, whether or not that game has kicked off, the referee will be paid for that game.


If a referee has accepted an assignment (center or AR) for a game and that game is forfeited by one of the teams or is canceled by the league for any reason by the Thursday before the game, referees will not be paid for that game. The cutoff is at midnight. For example, if notification of a forfeit or cancellation is sent to the assignors before midnight on Thursday for the next Sunday's game, the referees for that game will not be paid.

Match Procedures

For more information on match reporting, see Match Procedures