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Registration Is Required

All players must now create a member account by copmpleting online registration. This applies for returning players and new players.

To be eligible to play, Players must:

  1. Accept an invite to your team
  2. Complete their online registration
  3. Be approved by the registrar
Need More Info?

Follow these links for more information on:

Player Registration/Transfers

Team Registration

Online Registration - Add/Invite Players

All registrations are done online now. Paper registrations will no longer be accepted.

Player Registration for Fall 2021 closes Sept 7th.

Player Registration will reopen for new players on Sept 13th.

Have all player information into Mieko by Sept 7th at

First, your team first needs to be registered. Team Registration Instructions

To add players to your roster after your team is approved:

  1. Go to Member Login
  2. Enter your id/password
  3. Click on the Team Connect button
  4. If you aren't able to click on Team Connect or if you get a message saying Team Connect isn't enabled, email us at
  5. Click on Roster on the left menu
  6. Click on Add New Roster Team Members
  7. Add player names and email addresses
  8. Once you click on Add Roster Players And Send Invites, your players will get an email with a link to create a member account and register
  9. All players must create a member account using this link.
  10. New Players registering for the Fall 2021 Event will be charged $23 for the 2021/2022 Season Year

    Any players who are due discounts for multi league participation, please contact Mieko Rivas at

If you've invited players but they haven't responded yet, see the bottom of the Player Registration Status page for more information.

My Player Doesn't Have Email

Summary: If your player doesn't have an email address, you still need to add them to your roster. Adding them creates an invite link for that player. Send them that Invite Link. They will have to get online using that link and Create a New Player Account and accept that invite and complete registration. For the email address, tell them to use (but use their actual first and last name).

Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Go to your Team Connect Team page.
  2. Click on Roster in the left colum
  3. In the middle column, click on Add New Roster Members
    • You can use the player's first name and last name For example, if your player is named Lionel Messi, enter
  4. Enter the player's first name, last name, and a fake email address.
  5. Click on Add Roster Members and Send Invites
  6. Click on Roster in the left column again. (See image below)
  7. Find the player you just added
  8. Click on the player's name
  9. In the right column, you will see an Invite Link. Copy the link, send that to the player and have them follow it.
  10. They need to Create a New Stack Account. They can use the same fake email address you used in step 4
  11. Then they need to accept the invite and complete registration.