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Turn In Registration

Registration information can be mailed or turned in by hand to:

Mieko Rivas, TORSO Registrar
10310 Brickyard Ct.
Houston, TX 77041

If you are dropping off material, please contact Mieko to make an appointment before doing so.

No material will be accepted after 9pm.

New Player Registration

The following items are ALL REQUIRED to register a new player with TORSO.

  1. Follow the instructions for Online Registration. This has taken the place of the paper registration forms.
  2. Player must provide a color copy of a government id with a photo and birth date.
  3. Manager must fill out and send in a completed player card. Template can be found here. The following information should be typed on the player card:
    • League - TORSO
    • Date - 09/01/2021
    • Season - Currently 2021/2022
    • Team Name - Team the player is joining
    • Division - Team's current division
    • Registrar - Leave blank, Registrar signs here
    • ID No. - Leave blank, Registrar will fill this in
    • Player Name - Last, then First name
    • Birth Date - Player birth date

In-Season Registration Deadlines And Approvals

If COMPLETE registration documentation is received by 9pm Thursday night, that player will be approved to play on Sunday (3 days later). Registrations received after that deadline will be approved for the following Sunday (10 days later). No exceptions.

You will be notified by email regarding approvals. If you have been notified that your player is approved and they are not showing as approved on your roster, please contact the registrar to resolve the issue by Saturday night. It is the manager's responsibility to notify the Registrar by Saturday night if a player that should have been approved is not. If you wait until Sunday morning, there's no guarantee that the player will be approved. The registrar may be busy enjoying her Sunday.

Even if you turned in all of the registration paperwork on time and the Registrar told you that player was approved, you are not allowed to play a player that is not on your roster. So please make sure to verify that the approved player appears on your roster.

Transferring Players

Players that are currently registered with a team and wish to transfer to another team may transfer using one of two options:

  1. The transferring player may fill out a Player Registration Form, where they must obtain the existing team manager's signature in order to release the player - the form must also indicate the team information for the player's new team.
  2. The transferring player may also initiate a transfer request emai. This email must state their desire to transfer to another team and should copy the current manager, the new manager, and the registrar, Mieko Rivas. If there is no communication from the current manager, then the player is free to transfer.

Reminder: All players become free agents at fall registration time. This means that any player can move from one team to another without a manager's approval or transfer fee.**The Registrar MUST be notified about any transfers.

If a manager would like the league to help collect money or uniform from a player that has left their team, please inform the TORSO registrar by email. Identify the player and explain the issue, and that player will be blocked from joining another team until they settle their account with the team that they owe money to.