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Where's My Roster?

To get to your roster, log in to your member account (Member Login in the upper right hand corner of

After login, you will see your member account page. Click on Bonzi Team.

  1. In the left column, click on Roster
  2. In the middle column, you will see your roster.
  3. See the section to the right for information on player status.

Player Status

What do all of these player status messages mean? We're here to help.

Not Activated. Not Activated means that the player hasn't completed registration yet. See the section below for how to resend an invite
Membership Pending. If you don't see "Not Activated", the player has activated their account (registered online). Membership Pending means that the Registrar has not approved them yet.
Never Signed In. Since there is no Membership Pending message, the player has been approved. Never Signed In means that the player has not logged into their account after creating it.
Online 2 hours ago. No Membership Pending message, so the player is approved. This shows a team owner who is also a player and manager. This member was signed in to their account 2 hours ago. The time shown may not be accurate.

For an easier to read list with the status of all of your players: From the Roster page in Bonzi Team, click on Add New Roster Members.

Roster Help

My player hasn't accepted the invite. How do I re-invite them?

To re-invite players:

  1. Go back to your roster, and click on a player's name that you want to invite again.
  2. In the right column, you will see player info, and you will see a green box

There are two ways to re-invite them:

  1. You can click on the Resend Invite Email link, and that player will get the link again.
  2. You can copy the Invite Link from the white box and send it tto them. This link is specific to that person.

Why is a player on my roster twice?

If you send a player the Invite Link after you've already added them through Add New Roster Members and they use the Invite Link to sign up, they will show up twice in your roster.

Simply delete the duplicate player:

  1. Click on the name of the duplicate player that has status Not Activated.
  2. You will see their profile in the right column.
  3. Make sure you are not removing a player that has been approved.
  4. Click on Remove, then confirm.