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Referee Registration

Thank you for your interest in becoming a TORSO referee. TORSO is an adult co-ed league that uses only USSF certified referees. TORSO seeks experienced and developing referees that are dependable and perform and carry themselves in a professional manner. Please complete the registration form to be considered as a referee in the TORSO Soccer League. You are required to provide your USSF Referee Number as part of the registration process.

TORSO Uses Arbiter Assigning Software

TORSO uses Arbiter Software to manage referee assignments. In order to assign matches to you, the information that you supply on this form will be used to create an Arbiter account on your behalf. If you already use Arbiter, you will be included in the TORSO Soccer League group. Once your account is established in Arbiter, you will receive your login information. For more information on Arbiter Software, please see their web site.

To reduce spam, IP addresses will be included in registration emails.

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