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Fall 2020 | TORSO Soccer


# Name Position
Katie Dougherty
Jessica Emerald
Cesar Espino
Cesar Espino
Cesar Espino
Marjorie Falb
Jorie Falb
Guillermo Flores
Hernan Guevara
Khayaal Hosein
Tanner King
Erica Lee
Erica Lee
David Montgomery
Taylor Pounds
Miguel Quintanilla
Matthew Rovelli
Sean Straley
Aubrey Teague

Coaches & Staff

Hernan Guevara Team Owner, Coach


GAME ID #7515906
Sun Oct 18 3:00PM Force 4 Meyer 3N Spring,TX
Game of Thrown-Ins 10
GAME ID #7515909
Sun Oct 25 1:00PM Force 5 Meyer 3S Spring,TX
Maven Ravens 9
GAME ID #7515924
Sun Nov 1 3:00PM Force 2 Bear Creek 2 Houston,TX
Dragons 0
GAME ID #7515915
Sun Nov 8 1:00PM Force 0 Meyer 3S Spring,TX
Legends 12
GAME ID #7515926
Sun Nov 15 3:00PM Force 2 Bear Creek 2 Houston,TX
RFC Fuego 9
GAME ID #7515927
Sun Nov 22 3:00PM Force 0 Bear Creek 19A Houston,TX
The Express 16