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Season Schedule

Schedule - Upcoming Week

Matches for Sunday, April 30, 2017
217031 Bayland Park 2 1:00PM Weasels vs Celtics
317032 Bayland Park 2 3:00PM Atletico Utd vs Black Mambas
417066 Bear Creek Park 23 2:00PM Orange Crush vs Challengers II
317073 Bear Creek Park 23 4:00PM OutLaws vs North Harris United
117053 Bear Creek Park 23 6:00PM Vintage vs Olympia 6
417067 Bear Creek Park 24 2:00PM Thunders vs Outoshape FC
417068 Bear Creek Park 24 4:00PM Equalizers vs Tornados
417065 Bear Creek Park 24 6:00PM Lobos vs IOTHAS
417064 Bear Creek Park 25 2:00PM The Expendables vs FC Dragons
217073 Bear Creek Park 25 4:00PM Arsenal vs Force
117072 Bear Creek Park 26 2:00PM RFC Fuego vs AFC International
317033 Bear Creek Park 26 4:00PM Airetupal vs Los Cafeteros
317074 Meyer Park 27 1:00PM Still Kickin vs Diablos
217037 Meyer Park 27 3:00PM Angels vs Foresters
117074 Meyer Park 27 5:00PM Maven Ravens vs Deja Vu MF
117075 Meyer Park 28 1:00PM Premier FC vs Dragons
317075 Meyer Park 28 3:00PM Wolverines vs NW Pack
217075 Meyer Park 28 5:00PM Alliance FC vs Houston International FC
217074 Meyer Park 4 1:00PM Lone Star FC vs Godzilla vs Sea Turtle
117073 Meyer Park 4 3:00PM Fuller's ESB vs Revolution

Team managers - please be sure to bring your match reports to the game and verify the results with the referee after the match.