League Schedules

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Season Schedule

No TORSO Games February 7th - Enjoy Super Bowl 50!

Games will resume February 14th.

Schedule - Upcoming Week

Matches for Sunday, February 7, 2016
116039 Dutch Lions 1 1:00PM Moroccan Funk vs Premier FC
Matches for Sunday, February 14, 2016
416007 Bayland Park 2 1:00PM Challengers II vs The Expendables
316007 Bayland Park 2 3:00PM Bayland Sporting Club vs Hurricanes
316008 Bayland Park 2 5:00PM Diablos vs Weasels
216008 Bear Creek Park 10 2:00PM Bad News Bears vs Vintage
216009 Bear Creek Park 10 4:00PM KIAN SC vs The Gray Matter
216010 Bear Creek Park 11 2:00PM Olympia 6 vs AFC Oilers
116007 Bear Creek Park 11 4:00PM Houston Rangers vs Revolution
216007 Bear Creek Park 4 2:00PM HK Army vs Force
416008 Bear Creek Park 4 4:00PM Xtreme vs Wolverines
316009 Bear Creek Park 5 2:00PM Black Mambas vs Foresters
116006 Bear Creek Park 5 4:00PM RFC Fuego vs Moroccan Funk
316011 Dutch Lions 1 1:30PM Regulators vs Orange Crush
116008 Dutch Lions 1 3:30PM Maven Ravens vs Kosmos
216011 Dutch Lions 1 5:30PM Angels vs IOTHAS
116009 Dutch Lions 2 1:00PM FC Strikers vs Celtics
416012 Dutch Lions 2 3:00PM Tornados vs Warriors Elite FC
116010 Dutch Lions 2 5:00PM Fury vs The Express
216013 Dyess Park 10 1:00PM Fuller's ESB vs Arsenal
116011 Dyess Park 10 3:00PM Lone Star FC vs Premier FC
316012 Dyess Park 9 1:00PM Mercenaries vs El Cubo
216012 Dyess Park 9 3:00PM NW Pack vs North Harris United
416009 George Bush Park L2 1:00PM Thunders vs FC Dragons
416010 George Bush Park L2 3:00PM Jackets vs Airetupal
316010 George Bush Park L3 1:00PM Houston International FC vs South City FC
416011 George Bush Park L3 3:00PM Texas United vs Innovative FC
416013 Houston Sports Park 1 1:00PM Houston Sharks vs Blue Fusion
316013 Houston Sports Park 1 3:00PM Dragons vs Zoyto

Team managers - please be sure to bring your match reports to the game and verify the results with the referee after the match.