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TORSO Exceptions To Laws Of The Game (LOTG)

TORSO is an affiliated league that abides by the Laws of the Game as published by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). TORSO is an adult recreational league that encourages fair and competitive play. Because men and women across a wide age span compete together.

TORSO has adopted the following exceptions to the Laws of the Game:

Law I The Field of Play

TORSO Exception: None.

Law II The Ball

TORSO Exception: None.

Law III Number of Players

TORSO Exception: The ten (10) field players may consist of more than five women, but no more than five (5) men. The goalkeeper may be a man or a woman. A team short of women players must play short. Unlimited substitutions are allowed, with the consent of the Referee, by the team which controls the ball on a throw-in and by either team before a goal-kick, after a goal is scored, or at the start of a half. A player for whom a substitution has been made can return to the field in the same game. When a team is playing short due to cautions or ejections, any female player substituted may only be replaced by a female player. A match will not be considered valid if there are fewer than seven (7) players on either of the teams. If a male player receives a red-card ejection, then that player may not be replaced by any other male player or by any female player.

Law IV Players' Equipment

TORSO Exception: Resolving color conflicts is the responsibility of the HOME team. Failure to change when teams do not have contrasting colors, in the judgment of the Referee, shall result in forfeiture of the game by the HOME team. Uniforms are mandatory, and must have numbers corresponding to the number on game roster, affixed to back of the jersey. At no time may jerseys be switched from player to player, with the exception of the goalkeeper switching to his field jersey. Each player shall wear the same number throughout the game. Failure to comply will result in that person(s) being regarded as an ineligible player for that game. "Sliding pants," bicycle shorts, or similar equipment worn to reduce risk of injury are allowed without regard to visibility or color match. The uniform shorts must, however, be worn over such pants.

Law V Referees

TORSO Exception: None.

Law VI Linesmen

TORSO Exception: Club linesmen may be used, at the discretion of the Referee, in the event that certified officials are not available.

Law VII Duration of the Game

TORSO Exception: None.

Law VIII Start of Play

TORSO Exception: Competing teams shall present a roster of their players to the game official before the game starts with jersey numbers beside the players' names. In order to be eligible to play, all players must present to the game official their current laminated TORSO ID cards, either before the game or during any stoppage of play. All drop balls must be taken by two women players from opposing teams.

Law IX Ball In and Out of Play

TORSO Exception: None.

Law X Method of Scoring

TORSO Exception: Men's goals, and goals scored as a result of a defensive player in control of the ball misplaying the ball into his or her own goal count as one (1) goal. Offensive women's scores will count as two (2) goals. In the case of deflection, the last offensive player to touch the ball will be credited with the score, counting as one or two goals according to whether the last offensive touch was by a man or woman. Any male player in a single game may score a maximum of two (2) goals. A ball played into the goal by a man who has already scored twice will result in a goal-kick for the opposing team. Women may score an unlimited number of goals in a single game.

Law XI Off-Side

TORSO Exception: None.

Law XII Fouls and Misconduct

TORSO Exception: NO SLIDE TACKLING IS ALLOWED. A slide tackle shall be penalized by an automatic Caution to the offending player, and an indirect free-kick (dangerous play) shall be awarded to the opposing team, unless a more serious infringement of the Laws of the Game has occurred. A man should use skill, not physical size to win a ball from a woman. To do otherwise may be considered a Cautionable offense. The goalkeeper may not be charged at any time, nor may the goalkeeper charge other players. This also may be considered a Cautionable offense. The Goalkeeper may slide inside the penalty area to challenge for the ball provided that the challenge is not careless, reckless or with excessive force. If the challenge is careless, reckless or with excessive force the goalkeeper will be penalized and the foul and misconduct issued according to the LOTG and the TORSO exceptions to the LOTG. Any player receiving a Caution (yellow card) must leave the field for a ten (10) minute "cooling-off" period, and may be substituted.

Law XIII Free-Kick

TORSO Exception: None.

Law XIV Penalty-Kick

TORSO Exception: A Penalty-Kick may be taken by either a man or woman player, and will count as one (1) or two (2) goals accordingly, if successful.

Law XV Throw-In

TORSO Exception: None.

Law XVI Goal-Kick

TORSO Exception: None.

Law XVII Corner-Kick

TORSO Exception: None.