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What's Bonzi Team?

When we talk about Bonzi Team Page, that refers to the manager's interface where they manage the settings for your team page. A manager can access the Bonzi Team Page by using the member login button in the upper right hand corner, logging in, then selecting Bonzi Team.

Your Public Team Page is what everyone can see. It can be accessed through Team Pages


If you have suggestions or feedback about the new website, we want to hear it. Email us at

If you see an error, please include the specific page by sending the url from your browser address window.

Please know that we are constantly reviewing the funcionality of the website to work to improve it and make it more useful for our managers and players.

Roster Help

How do I print out a game day roster?

Game day rosters are available 2 day before the game. As we've always done, managers are required to print and bring this roster to the game. For directions on how to print the Game Day Roster, see Match Day Procedures

I'm missing players from my game day roster

When viewing the roster, click on Edit Game Day Roster to go back to the Build Roster screen. Make sure that all of your players are selected. See Match Day Procedures for more info. If you're still missing a player, contact the registrar. (Note that if you don't check this until Sunday, it may be too late to fix the issue).

Team Registration Help

How do I register my team?

Team registration for the Summer Season is closed - we are full. Fall season starts in September, and we will open registration for that in late July or early August. If you are the manager of a new team that wants to join TORSO in the fall, email the registrar at

How do I invite returning players? How do I register new players?

For all player registration information, see Online Registration

How do I pay?

To make payments, a manager can login (Member Login in the upper right corner), then if you have a balance, simply click on the Pay Now button and choose the amount you want to pay. You may also send checks to the Registrar, Mieko Rivas. Email for more info.

How do I see my balance and my recent payments/charges?

Login using Member Login. From your Member Account page, you can do two things:

  • See your balance in Account Balances. If you have a balance you can click on the Pay Now button. This will allow you to pay and will show recent payments/charges to your account.
  • Click on My Registration, find your team registration and click Print Statement. This will show you all recent payments and charges.
Player Registration Help

Why can't TORSO transfer players in from the old system?

Though we had hoped that we could transfer in all of our historical data and player profiles when we purchased the Bonzi system, after looking at the issues involved in transferring team and player data over, Bonzi determined that it was not technically feasible to do that. We are sorry that we couldn't do it, and we appreciate your cooperation in getting players added to the system.

How do I add players to my roster:

For instructions on how to add players to your roster, see Online Registration

I don't understand all of the status messages on my roster page:

For complete information on Player Status messages on your roster, see Player Registration Status

I sent invites to all of my players, but some haven't responded yet:

Remind them that if they don't complete the online registration they won't be eligible to play. All players must register online before they can be approved. If you need to resend an invite to players, see the bottom of the Player Registration Status page.

Team Page Questions

What's a Bonzi Team Page?

When we talk about Bonzi Team Page, that refers to the manager's pagewhere they can create their roster and change the settings for your team page, among other things. A manager can access the Bonzi Team Page by using the member login button in the upper right hand corner, logging in, then selecting Bonzi Team.

What's a public team page?

You public team page is the page that everyone can see. You can find your team page by going to Team Pages.

Why is my team page empty?

The team manager has to add content to the page. For instructions on that, see Managing Your Team Page

How do I change the content on my team page?

Instructions for enabling and managing the content on your team page are here - Managing Your Team Page

How do I set my uniform colors?

On your Bonzi Team page, you should see "Uniform Colors" in the upper right hand corner. Click on the shirt and shorts icons. You must select a top and bottom for home and away to be able to save.

Remember that the home team is always responsible for changing colors if there is a conflict, and those jerseys must have numbers. All teams should have alternate jerseys available, but to avoid confusion - if you normally wear the same jersey color for home and away games, only put that color. Only select different colors if you actually have home and away jerseys.